Leon’s Fun Arts Club

Our Fun Arts Club is  an after-school activity program designed for 4 to 6 year-old-children to immerse in a creative, fun and exciting environment. We use this opportunity to celebrate art history, heritage, and of course – art.

We explore the interconnectedness of the art world by creating topical activities such as art & crafts projects, stories, songs, music, and games. We imagine what caveman’s life might have been like, or being a knight living in a castle. We encourage children to participate in imaginative play, create their work of arts to share what they’ve learned.

Leon’s Fun Arts Club takes place at 4.00-5:30pm every Tuesday to Friday. Also on Saturday mornings and afternoons. It is available in French, English and Chinese. Please contact us for more info.

Every Tues to Friday 4.00-5.30pm
¥180/class plus cost of material.

95% Discount for 24 classes payment in advance
85% Discount for 48 classes payment in advance

Please call or visit to find out times of English/French/Chinese classes.