Mission & Approach


We offer children a bilingual/francophone environment conductive to well-being and growth, while offering quality child care services which meet the needs of families with a focus on the French language.

We believe learning should be about doing, and learning should be about fun. The classes we remember from our childhood are the ones where we were actively involved in making, creating, experimenting and discovering.

We also believe in the value of play: pretending, imagining and cooperating with others. And we all know about the joy of stories we each experienced as a child … of adventuring in our minds to different lands with all sorts of wonderful characters.

We aim to make our School a place where children will:

  • Feel safe and secure.
  • Grow in self esteem.
  • Respect themselves, others and the environment.
  • Develop independence and learn to collaborate with others.
  • Become motivated, excited, enthusiastic, curious, reflective learners.
  • Feel confident with themselves, adults and each other.
  • Build positive relationships with adults and peers.
  • Know that everyone is welcomed and equally valued irrespective of race, gender, disability or religion.
  • Respect, value and celebrate differences.


We offer an environment where children can:

  • Have an opportunity to share ideas, views and opinions.
  • Can be listened to and respected.
  • Are offered a broad, balanced and challenging activities and programs.
  • Can experience a rich, stimulating and dynamic learning environment.
  • Can learn through a well structured, well planned, creative approach.
  • Work with adults who value, respect, support and scaffold their learning.
  • Experience adults working together in partnership with parents/carers and the community.